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BYU Attends Origami Design Workshop in Florida

Spencer Magleby represents BYU at an NSF sponsored workshop on Origami Design for Integration of Self-assembling Systems for Engineering Innovation.  (Read Full Article)

Professor Yan Chen Visits CMR Research Group

Professor Yan Chen, researcher in advanced mechanisms and robotics, visited BYU's compliant mechanisms research group in November 2013.   (Read Full Article)

Professor Howell Receives Theodore von Kármán Fellowship

The faculty of RWTH Aachen University in Germany nominated CMR professor Larry Howell to receive the Theodore von Kármán Fellowship. The fellowship funded an ERS International guest stay in Aachen Germany for a week in October, 2013.  As part of the visit, Prof. Howell gave a presentation entitled “Opportunities and Challenges of Folding” as the opening speech at the “Fold-In” workshop at the Rolduc Abbey in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. (Read Full Article)

CMR Students Turn to Origami to Solve Astronomical Space Problem

BYU engineers have teamed up with a world-renowned origami expert to solve one of space exploration’s greatest (and most ironic) problems: lack of space.  (Read Full Article)

CMR Students Win Big at IDETC 2013

BYU compliant mechanisms research students won first and second place in the Undergraduate Division of the 2013 ASME International Student Mechanisms Design Competition and second place in the graduate student division at this year's ASME-sponsored IDETC conference in Portland, Oregon. (Read Full Article)

Dr. Jian Dai, Professor of Mechanisms and Robotics at King’s College London in the United Kingdom, Visits BYU

Dr. Jian Dai, a leading researcher in a new class of mechanisms called metamorphic mechanisms, visited BYU's compliant mechanisms research group Wednesday, August 14, 2013. (Read Full Article)

New Handbook for Compliant Mechanisms Published by CMR Professors and Alumni

Mechanical Engineering professors Larry Howell and Spencer Magleby, along with Brian Olsen, a former student who now works at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, have recently edited an exciting new resource for engineers entitled, Handbook of Compliant Mechanisms. (Read Full Article)

April 2014

CMR Awarded Research Grant from National Science Foundation

 The National Science Foundation awarded the Compliant Mechanisms Research Group to use compliant mechanism principles to translate origami-based discoveries into engineered systems that achieve desired behaviors.   More.


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