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An image of the compliant mechanisms book cover

Compliant Mechanisms

Larry L. Howell

This is the fundamental textbook on compliant mechanisms. It covers the universe of compliant mechanisms, from foundation concepts all the way to cutting edge applications.

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Handbook of Compliant Mechanisms

Larry L. Howell, Spencer P. Magleby, & Brian M. Olsen

An expansive collection of compliant mechanisms which will inspire anyone doing mechanical design.

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The book cover of the Handbook of Compliant Mechanisms

An image of the book cover for the book Y Origami

Y Origami?: Explorations in Folding

David Morgan, Denise Halverson, Spencer Magleby, Terri Bateman & Larry Howell

Amazon #1 New Release in Origami! This book demonstrates the potential of folding to improve the way things work, simplify how products are produced, and make possible new objects otherwise impossible.Y Origami? also includes brief learning activities related to paper folding.

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