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BYU CMR Professor Visits China

Dr. Larry Howell was invited to visit China for two weeks in July 2012 where he was a keynote speaker at the ASME/IFToMM International Conference on Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots (ReMAR2012) and lectured at Xidian University (in Xi’an) and Beihang University (in Beijing). While there he presented recent developments in compliant mechanism research, collaborated with other researchers and discussed the possible Chinese translation of the forthcoming Handbook of Compliant Mechanisms.

Professor Guimin Chen, a former Visiting Professor in the CMR, hosted Professor Howell’s visit to China. Professor Jian Dai and Professor Jinjun Yu made possible visits to Tianjin and Beijing. Professor Howell also had the opportunity to present a paper that was awarded the Best Paper Award at ReMAR2012 (see related story). He also had the opportunity to meet with other past CMR Visiting Professors Yue-Qiing Yu (Beijing University of Technology) and Lifang Qiu (University of Science and Technology Beijing).