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NSF Vizzies - CMR Video Makes the Top 10

NSF selects a CMR video as a Top-10 finalist in the Vizzies competition. The video is titled "How Origami is Inspiring Scientific Creativity."

How Origami is Inspiring Scientific Creativity, with BYU and Origami Artist Robert Lang

The purpose of The Vizzies is to demonstrate some of the world's most beautiful visualizations in science and engineering. The CMR video combined visualization results from computer animation, mathematical simulation, and demonstrative hardware to expand the viewer’s vision of how scientific and engineering creativity can be influenced by the seemingly unrelated field of origami. The visuals range from microscopic devices injecting DNA into cells, to enormous solar arrays in space. The video has a dual purpose: to inspire and to educate. The art of origami provides a visual medium to demonstrate how seemingly disparate disciplines, such as art and engineering, can unite to inspire systems with unprecedented outcomes. The compilation of visualizations is also a means for demonstrating how origami-based systems can meet needs in ways not otherwise possible.